What is Alive Food?
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What is Alive Food?

Alive food company started with a simple idea: Delicious food that makes you and our planet earth feel good. We want to encourage people to have a balanced healthy eating lifestyle with naturally fermented food that fuels our body with nutrients in the most organic way.

Fermented food has been around thousands of years and it plays an important role in a healthy diet.he fermentation process adds beneficial bacteria and enzymes to our overall intestinal flora, boosts our immune system, increases the health of our gut microbiome and digestive system. You will find all these benefits in Alive food’s product, because life is too short to eat bad food, so let’s eat healthy and yummy with us!

We have created a product line with natural ingredients without preservative and chemical-free. Everything we do is made with a natural fermentation process with lots of patient and love.


Founders of Alive Food