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Alive Kombucha (350ml)

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A Bubbly Natural Fermented Tea packed with probiotic and infused with superfood cold-pressed juice. Choose your Quantity, Flavors, and Frequency.

TRIAL (1 bottle)
$40 / bottle
BEGINNER (4 bottles)
$39 / bottle (2%off)
THE REGULAR (8 bottles)
$38 / bottle (5%off)

THE TREND SETTER (12 bottles)
$36 / bottle (10%0ff)


Extra shipping fee for special area (Include Southern District, Sai Kung, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, Tai Tam, Clear Water Bay, Cyberport, Shek O, Stanley, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong International Airport, Tung Chung, Hong Kong Disneyland and Islands District)

Grapefruit Rose

antioxidants/ anti-aging / soothe skin / Vitamin A, C, B, E K / Aid Weight Loss / Heart Health / reduce diabetes

Lemon Ginger

Detoxifies / boost immune system / anti-inflammatory / Vitamin A, C, D B-6 / Lowering cancer risk / Weight loss

Blueberry Basil

High potassium / improves eye site / Antioxidant / Anti-aging / Improve Memory / Vitamin C, B6 , E, K1 / lower cholesterol / High fiber

Pineapple Chilli

Weight loss / strengthen bones / Vitamin A, C, D B-6 , K1 / Liver Protection / Regulates Blood Pressure / healthy skin / improves Metabolism / Red Blood Cell Growth

The healthy “Soda”

In gut we trust